Teatro Real de Madrid Unveils Safety Regulations On Stage & In Theater for Upcoming ‘Traviata’ Performances

By Mauricio Villa

The Teatro Real de Madrid has unveiled the safety regulations it will undertake in performing Verdi’s “La Traviata” starting on July 1.

On Monday, the company unveiled that its star cast members, which include Marina Rebeka, Lisette Oropesa, Michael Fabiano, Matthew Polenzani, and Artur Rucinski, among others, will perform a semi-staged production in costume 2 square meters apart. Artists’ individual spaces will be marked on the floor.

The chorus will be set on a platform on the stage and the orchestra of 56 musicians will play in an enlargened pit (the one usually used for Wagner or Strauss operas) of 140 square meters; all of them will be wearing masks with individual music stands and maintaining the regulated distance of 1.5 meters. The wind section, as well as the conductors Nicola Luisotti and Luis Méndez Chávez, will have individual methacrylate panels to protect them. All staff members of the theatre and artists have been medically tested for COVID-19.

Each performance will allow for an audience of 869 people, maintaining social distancing regulations. Audience members must wear masks inside the theater at all times.