Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo to Stream ‘Don Giovanni’

By David Salazar

The Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo in Bogotá, Colombia has announced that it will be offering up a streaming service of past performances and productions for those stuck at home.

Among those offerings is the company’s recent presentation of Mozart and Da Ponte’s “Don Giovanni” in a production by Marcelo Lombardero and featuring an international cast that included Nahuel de Piero (Argentina), Hernán Iturralde (Argentina), Ernesto Morillo (Venezuela), Oriana Favaro (Argentina), Pablo Martínez (Colombia), Marcela Chacón (México), Juan David González (Colombia), and Paola Leguizamón (Colombia).

Regarding this production, OperaWire’s review praised the performance of di Pierro, noting that “from the moment he entered the stage he was in command of the production with his Don Giovanni eliciting charisma and danger.”

The announcement was made on Monday, the same day that the Colombian authorities announced that they would be shutting down Colombia’s border, impeding anyone from entering or exiting the country.