Teatro Grattacielo Announces Cast Changes for ‘Fedora’

By David Salazar

Teatro Grattacielo has announced three cast changes for its upcoming production of Giordano’s “Fedora.”

The original cast was set to include two singers from Europe, Csilla Boross and Francesco Anile, for the roles of Fedora and Lloris respectively, with a third, Taehwan Ku, coming over from Japan to interpret Rouvel.

However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, those three cast members will be unable to perform the work. In their stead, Michelle Johnson will play Fedora with Jeremy Brauner taking over as Loris. Finally, Jordan Weatherston Pitts will take over for Ku as Rouvel.

“Teatro Grattacielo is committed to diversity and strongly believe that singers and artists from every background and race need to have the chance to be represented on the stage,” stated Teatro Grattacielo’s director Stefanos Koroneos in a press release. “It is a tough time for all of us, but I think that Opera can unite us, and that art should never discriminate.”

The company also announced that Malena Dayen will direct the filmed production. Dayen has directed such productions as “Maria de Buenos Aires” and “The Presence of Odradek” with Bare Opera.