Teatro della Pergola di Firenze to Perform ‘Ercole in Tebe’

By Francisco Salazar

Jacopo Melani’s “Ercole in Tebe” returns to the Teatro della Pergola di Firenze after 360 years.

The opera, which inaugurated the house in 1661 for the wedding of Cosimo III de’ Medici, Gran Principe di Toscana and Margherita Luisa principessa d’Orléans, will return on Feb. 9 in a concert performance.

The project was born when four copies from three different libraries were found. In a statement, Alessa Bettini, Vicesindaca di Firenze noted, “It’s a performance that you cannot miss and it is the result of a very long and important research process. The discovery of the original was found thanks to the commitment of some young Florentines who networked with various realities to finally reach this goal.”

The performance will feature I Musici del Gran Principe conducted by Samuele Lastrucci and will star Monica Bellocci, Filippo Mineccia, Marco Angioloni, Valeria La Grotta, Eleonora Ronconi, Alessandr Ravasio, Benedetta Corti, Vincenzo Franchini, and Valentina Vitolo.