Emőke Baráth & Levy Sekgapane Lead Malmö Opera’s 2021-22 Season

Malmö Opera in Sweden has announced its 2021-22 season featuring opera, musicals, chamber music, and dance. Here is a look at the opera and vocal performances. Opera Daniel Fjellström and Maria Sundqvist’s “Det går an” will star Magdalena Risberg, Richard Hamrin, Hans Ola Heinpalu, Mathilda Bryngelsson, Kine Sandtrø, Emma Lyrén, andTor Lind. Max Lörstad conducts the production by Niklas Hjulström. {…}

Juan Diego Flórez, Lawrence Brownlee, Lisette Oropesa, Martina Arroyo, J’Nai Bridges Headline Top 10 Operas to Stream This Week

With opera companies returning in full force digitally, this week’s selections will highlight a mix of repertory staples with some unique and experimental new works. Before we kick off our list, don’t forget to check out important discussions taking place regarding issues of race and equality in opera with such programs as Karen Slack’s “KikiKonversations,” Kenneth Overton’s “Black Opera Live,” and Mark {…}