Opera Meets Film: How Straub & Huillet’s ‘Moses und Aron’ Leaves Us to Our Own Interpretative Devices

Despite Arnold Schoenberg’s (1874-1951) widespread popularity as one of the most important ‘fathers of serialism’ and the person almost solely responsible for ushering in the age of dodecaphony (12-tone technique), his four operas are largely unknown. Despite this, it was Schoenberg’s fourth opera, “Moses und Aron,” which would transform opera forever. No longer constricted by the indulgent attitudes of Italian {…}

Opéra de Paris to Stream ‘Moses und Aron’

The Opéra de Paris will broadcast Arnold Schönberg’s “Moses und Aron” starting on Monday, July 13, 2020. The opera is conducted by Philippe Jordan and features a cast of singers including John Graham-Hall, Thomas Johannes Mayer, Julie Davies, Catherine Wyn-Rogers, Christopher Purves, Nicky Spence, and Michael Pflumm. The production was directed by Romeo Castellucci. Audiences can stream the opera on the company’s official website or via {…}