Spoleto Festival USA Appoints New General Director

By Nicolas Quiroga

(Credit: Peter Adamik)

The Spoleto Festival USA in South Carolina has appointed Mena Mark Hanna as its new General Director.

The new Director brings more than a decade of experience working in the performing arts field, both in leadership roles and as an educator. He was previously at Berlin’s Barenboim-Said Akademie where he was the Founding Dean and Professor of Musicology and Composition. He also served as Assistant Artistic Director at teh Houston Grand Opera prior to his time in Berlin. 

In his new role, Hanna will advance the  Spoleto Festival USA’s commitment to producing and presenting world-class and innovative artistic programming, across all disciplines, and providing and promoting a platform for young and established artists alike.

He will also be tasked with representing the rich cultural diversity of the community and enhance the Festival’s hometown as an international artistic destination.

“Mena possesses a depth of knowledge and experience across artistic genres, and also—essential for Spoleto and Charleston—understands and is passionate about the power of artistic expression to bridge differences and bring people together,” said Alicia Gregory, President of the Board of Spoleto Festival USA, in a press release. “At a time when creating access to and opportunities for meaningful representation is crucially important—in the cultural sector and across society—the next leader of the Festival must understand the power of art in promoting civic pride and effecting social change. The board is unanimous in Mena’s appointment, and is confident that we have found such a leader in Mena, who brings energy, collaborative instincts, and empathetic leadership to the position.”