South Bend Lyric Opera to Present ‘Our American Odyssey’

By David Salazar

South Bend Lyric Opera is set to present Marjorie Rusche’s “Our American Odyssey” this October.

The opera is inspired by Homer’s famed epic poem, but seen through a modern context that blends opera, contemporary theater, minimalism, and world music. In the opera, Odysseus travels through Wall Street, Malibu, and the Cayman Islands on his way home.

“I hope the audiences take away laughter and tears; the importance of fostering a compassionate and just American democracy; and experience the eternal power of love,” Rusche told OperaWire.

Taking on the role of Penelope will be Mary Martin. Odysseus will be interpreted by Emanuel Caraman, while Cyclops, Circe, and Calypso will be interpreted by Carl Ratner, Elizabeth Schleicher, and Eleni Taluzek, respectively. Rounding out the cast will be Emma Sorensen as Clea.

Mariah Boucher and Rob Rhein will be at the piano.

The opera opens on Oct. 20 and 21, 2023 t the Joshi Performance Hall at Indiana University.