Sofia Coppola’s ‘La Traviata’ Production To Hit Cinemas In July

By David Salazar

Sofia Coppola fans will probably be excited about her recent victory at Cannes when she became one of the few women to take home the Best Director Award.

And in just a few weeks, audiences will get a shot to see her work of a different variety.

Coppola’s 2016 production of Verdi’s “La Traviata” from Rome will be getting a showcase in cinemas on July 9 in the UK. The performance was the film director’s very first foray into the world of opera.

During the process, she actually turned to now 100-year-old great uncle Anton Coppola who had previously told OperaWire about helping the younger Coppola make a successful operatic debut.

“Sophia knew nothing about opera at all. She speaks no Italian. So she came to me and told me that she had been invited to direct opera. She says, ‘What’s it about?’” he revealed. “She didn’t know what a Cabaletta or stretta was. I explained it all to her.

The production features costumes by Valentino.

Check out the trailer for the cinematic experience.