SMCQ to Present Sandeep Bhagwait’s ‘Prana – Music of Breaths’

By David Salazar

La Société de musique contemporaine de Québec (SMCQ) is set to present Sandeep Bhagwait’s “Prana – Music of Breaths” on Feb. 19 and 20, 2024.

The event will be led by artistic director Simon Bertrand and features four vocalists and four trombones. The four vocalists include Kathy Kennedy, Sarah Albu, Elizabeth Lima, and Andrea Young. The four trombones include Felix Del Tredici, Kalun Leung, David Taylor, and David Whitwell.

The work was composed in 2020 during the pandemic. Each of the quartets will perform individually before joining forces in an exploration of the sounds that breath can produce.

“‘Prana’ will be an experience like none other for the spectators, from our magician Sandeep Bhagwait,” said Bertrand per an official press release.