San Francisco Symphony Ratifies New Labor Contract

By Francisco Salazar
(source: San Francisco Symphony Official Website)

The musicians and management of the San Francisco Symphony have ratified a two-year contract.

The contract was ratified on Oct. 1, 2023, ending a labor struggle that began in November 2022 and since then teh San Francisco Symphony has been working without a contract. The new contract extends through November 2024.

In a statement to the San Francisco Chronicle, Symphony CEO Matthew Spivey said, “This has been a particularly difficult negotiation given the challenging financial pressures on the organization. I am deeply grateful to both the staff and musicians who have been involved in the negotiations and have navigated the process with utmost professionalism and commitment while ensuring that the San Francisco Symphony is able to continue sharing the gift of music with our audiences.”

The new contract will mandate that the orchestra members be paid a minimum weekly salary of $3,313 ($172,276 annually), rising by the end of the term to $3,450 ($179,400). That will represent an increase compared to the current minimum of $3,277 ($170,404). However, it falls short of where the orchestra would have been had it not been for the pandemic.

In a statement released by the musicians, who are represented by Musicians Union Local 6 of the American Federation of Musicians, they said, “This short agreement is designed to allow the organization time for introspection and reflection. Decisions will need to be made by our Board as to whether the S.F. Symphony will remain a top tier orchestra.”