San Diego Opera Receives 4 Grants for Outreach & Educational Programs

By David Salazar

San Diego Opera has announced that it has been awarded four California Arts Council grants totaling $77,000.

A total of $38,000 from two grants will be used for the “Words and Music” program. The first grant will place an emphasis on the summer and after-school program at La Maestra Center for Youth Advancement in City Heights while the second will focus on Lincoln High School and Memorial Preparatory for Scholars and Athletes. The program works with students to provide them with instruction on composition, production, and performance .

Another $20,000 grant will develop the new Artist Residency program in the City Heights and San Ysidro communities. The company will partner with Casa Familiar and Lead Artist Humberto Borboa in this project.

The final $19,000 grant will be employed in supporting the company’s “Student Night at the Opera” program. More than 7,500 students are allowed to attend performances through this program per year.