Sächsischen Staatstheater Initiates Appeal for COVID-19 Vaccination

By Dejan Vukosavljevic
(Credit: Semperoper Dresden / Matthias Creutziger)

The Semperoper Dresden has announced the beginning of a media campaign under the name “Vaccination also protects culture!”

“Vaccination also protects culture!” was initiated by the Sächsischen Staatstheater and the Dresden State Art Collections and is supported by many cultural institutions in Dresden.

“It is a bitter reality: the ups and downs of our public life have become sadly regular. There is probably no other area that suffers as much as culture. This vicious circle of openings and closings can only be broken with a comprehensive vaccination without risking further lives,” said the Minister for Culture and Tourism of Saxony Barbara Klepsch in an official statement. “If the vaccination rate remains too low, we will face the same scenario next year. Large parts of our cultural landscape will not survive that in the long run, we cannot afford that as a society. So I ask you all – get vaccinated, out of responsibility to your fellow human beings, but also out of love for our rich cultural offerings in Saxony.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected cultural institutions in Germany. The Dresdner Philharmonie and the Sächsischen Staatstheater are currently closed due to the fourth COVID-19 wave in Germany.