S.E.M. Ensemble Announces 2021 Holiday Concert

By David Salazar

The S.E.M. Ensemble has announced its holiday performance set for Dec. 20, 2021.

The showcase, which will take place at the Zürcher Gallery in New York City, will star sopranos Elizabeth van Os and Zen Wu, under the musical direction of Petr Kotik. The ensemble will feature such musicians as Roberta Michel, Sam Jones, Clint McLendon, Will Lang, Jen Baker, Gergana Haralampieva, and Chris Nappi.

The concert will feature Kotik’s “Three in One” and “Many Manny Women;” Jon Gibson’s “Equal Distribution No. 1;” John Cage’s “Cheap Imitation;” Vladimír Srámek’s “6 Minute Exercises for Petr Kotik;” and Frederik the Great’s “Five Daily Exercises.”

There will also be a preview performance at Willow Place Auditorium in Brooklyn on Dec. 17, 2021.