Rossini Opera Festival Records Growth During 2022 Season

By Francisco Salazar

Pesaro’s Rossini Opera Festival saw noteworthy growth to its Festival in audience and media coverage during the 2022 season.

Following 31 theatrical events, the company saw the box office register 13,100 tickets purchased which was up 53 percent compared to 2021. In total, that represents 957,000 euros.

The festival also noted that the percentage of foreign visitors reached 55 percent with France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the USA, Spain, the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Japan, Australia, Ireland, Slovakia and Poland among the most represented nations. There were audience members from Brazil, China, Estonia, Greece, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, and others for a total of 34 foreign nations.

The ROF also noted that 134 journalists were accredited representing news outlets from 25 countries (not including Italy): Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Vatican City, South Korea, Croatia, France, Germany, Japan, Greece, Luxembourg, Mexico, Holland, Poland, the United Kingdom, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Spain, the USA, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Ukraine.

This season also saw numerous performances on Rai with Rai Cultura recording “Le Comte Ory,” which will be televised by Rai5 on Thursday Oct. 13, among other performances. There was also a live stream of “Il viaggio a Reims” by pupils of the Accademia Rossiniana “Alberto Zedda” broadcast on OperaVision. Furthermore, both performances of “Il viaggio” were broadcast in free live streaming on the website and social channels of the Festival. The ROF also opened an account on TikTok.