Report Released on Putin Supporter Valery Gergiev’s Numerous Properties & Illegal Activities

By Francisco Salazar

Supporters of opposition leader Alexey Navalny have released a report about Putin supporter and confidant Valery Gergiev revealing the conductor’s property and some of his illegal workings.

According to the report Gergiev has been on the front lines with Putin signing every open letter for the dictator and has participated in all propaganda shows.

The report also showed that in an elite part of New York, not far from Central Park, Gergiev bought a 165-square-meter apartment for $2,500,000 in 2004, which he hid for almost 15 years.

The report also showed that Gergiev had stolen from a charity fund in his own name for years and he spent the money that the state and state-owned companies allocate to help the Mariinsky Theater and young talents, on himself, on elite real estate, and on a luxurious life. Even his Gergiev Foundation is paid by Moscow and the oligarchs who support it.

He was also friends with the state banker Kostin and has been given money by the oligarchs Usmanov, Timchenko, Yevtushenkov.

Among the other revelations in the report were that Gergiev holds Dutch nationality illegally (in Russia) and in 2014, Gergiev organized a charity concert dedicated to the victims of the Boeing MH17 that Putin and his army shot down (an action Gergiev was supportive of).

The report also shed light on the numerous properties that Gergiev owned including land next to Rimini airport, a palazzo in Vienna, one of Milan’s most lucrative restaurants, and a lot of property in Russia including three apartments in St. Petersburg. According to documents, Gergiev has been hiding these properties from the reach of the public.

Over the last several decades, Gergiev has been a conductor at most of the major opera and symphonic performance halls.

You can read and see the documents here.