Renée Fleming’s Second Year of SongStudio To Showcase Elina Garanca, Julia Bullock, 20 Young Artists & Others

By David Salazar

Famed soprano Renée Fleming is set lead the second year of her SongStudio at Carnegie Hall starting on Jan 13-18.

Fleming will mentor 10 aspiring singers including Natalie Buickians, Meghan Kasanders, Anneliese Klenetsky, Kady Evanyshyn, Xenia Puskarz Thomas, Eric Finbarr Carey, Randy Ho, Dominik Belavy, Johnathan McCullough, and Laureano Quant. There will also be mentorship for 10 collaborative painists include Sandy Lin, Cameron Richardson-Eames, Anna Smigelskaya, Nara Avetisyan, Richard Fu, Tomomi Sato, Celeste Marie Johnson, John Robertson, Michael Sikich, and Toni Ming Geiger.

“I’m hoping to spark more creative thinking about the art form and how it can be expanded,” said Renée Fleming in a press release. “I want to encourage singers to be intellectually curious and adventurous in their approach to song repertoire; to think outside the box in their choice of repertoire, including music beyond the standard classical literature; and to experiment with new performance elements.”

There will be masterclasses including one with composer-in-residence Gabriel Kahane on Jan. 14, 2020 and mezzo-soprano Elina Garanca on Jan. 16; there will also be a conversation between Julia Bullock and Fleming on that same day. Young artists will also engage in private coaching throughout the week with Javier ArrebolaCraig Terry, Hartmut Höll, and Gerald Martin Moore. Brian Zeger and Craig Terry will also lead sessions on recital programming.

Höll and Fleming will both give their own individual masterclasses on Jan. 17, 2020. The program will culminate in a “Young Artist Recital” on Jan. 18, 2020.