Renee Fleming & LA Opera to Explore Music & Well-Being in Los Angeles County Arts and Health Week

By Logan Martell

On June 12, 2022, LA Opera will host Los Angeles County Arts and Health Week, a series of events meant to promote a deeper understanding of the relationship between arts, health, and well-being.

Acclaimed soprano Renee Fleming will serve as advisor for this joint initiative between LA Opera, LA County Department of Arts and Culture, and the World Health Organization’s Healing Arts Initiative. The lineup includes events such as an onsite demonstration with Lineage Performing Arts Center, a summit event at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion with a panel discussion, and will culminate on June 18 with a live concert from Fleming of Kevin Puts’ “The Brightness of Light.”

“Who hasn’t felt their heart quicken, had goosebumps, or even been moved to tears by a powerful musical performance?” said Fleming in a press release. “Shared musical and artistic experiences are among the most powerful ways to foster social cohesion, and research funded by the National Institutes of Health has demonstrated the scientific benefits of the arts for health and wellbeing. A transformational opportunity is at hand, so it is exciting to see the groundbreaking work of so many organizations in Los Angeles County, incorporating the arts and clinical creative arts therapies to advance individual and community health.

“This week-long, county-wide celebration will be a fantastic opportunity to share the amazing arts and health work happening right here.”