Red Curtain Addict Launches New Interactive Arts Platform

By David Salazar

Red Curtain Addict has launched a new online arts platform aimed at helping arts lovers learn about events in their area.

The new platform allows users to sign up for a free account with personalized recommendations, events updates, and access to exclusive content and features. For example, if you create a profile and specify your passion for opera and your location, the platform will provide you with timely updates on which operas will be playing in your area and when. Morever, there will be ease of access for where to purchase tickets for said events.

But it doesn’t end there. The personalization will also allow you to specify what kind of shows you prefer. So if comedy is not your thing, then the platform will not recommend those kinds of performances to you.

“At Red Curtain Addict we’re community first, not transaction first. Many companies try to sell audiences tickets based on what they have to offer instead of getting to know the audience first, to understand what they are even looking for in the first place. Audiences are inundated with so much “push content” and offerings, making it difficult to make sense of it all and inevitably challenging to make a decision. We’re here to turn that process around. The first thing we do is to get to know the audience and then to suggest events based on their preferences while also making it easy to search experiences across multiple genres. We want to help curate their experience from the very beginning, so that their next arts outing is easy,” said co-founder Kari Lincks Coomans in an official press statement.

The platform is run by Kari Coomans and her husband Parker Coomans.