Ramón Vargas to Hold Gala for 200th Anniversary of Guanajuato

By Francisco Salazar

Ramón Vargas is set to celebrate Guanajuato’s 200th anniversary with a gala performance on Dec. 20, 2023.

The tenor will be joined by soprano Leticia de Altamirano at the Teatro del Bicentenario in León. Maestro Iván López Reynoso will lead the Orquesta and Coro del Teatro del Bicentenario.

Vargas and Altamirano will perform arias and duets from famed operas, as well as Mexican music.

In a statement, Vargas noted, “I feel very honored to participate in the commemoration of the 200th anniversary of Guanajuato as a free and sovereign state at the Teatro del Bicentenario in León. It will also be a pleasure to share the stage with two extraordinary Mexican artists: the great soprano Leticia de Altamirano and the internationally renowned Guanajuato director Iván López Reynoso leading the Bicentennial Orchestra and Choir. We will have a very attractive program of the world operatic repertoire and, of course, also of our Mexican music, which I am sure will be liked by the public who kindly joins us in this celebration.”