Pretty Yende Reveals Second Solo Album

By Logan Martell

On August 26, Pretty Yende took to Instagram to reveal the cover and title of her new album with Sony Classical: “Dreams.’’ Yende, who spread her wings in her 2013 Metropolitan debut, has since sung on stages worldwide. As with her spirited performances, Yende will bring to the recording studio the freedom and passion that first carried her aloft to fame.

Yende said on her Instagram page: “‘Dreams’ not only reflects the various shades dreams can have from love and longing in Juliette’s “Je veux vivre dans ce rêve” to also delusions and desperation in Lucia’s mad scene.”

Despite the differences held by these arias, it’s clear to see what binds them is Pretty Yende’s exploration of what it means to want. The rest of the track list will be revealed at a later date but it is no doubt that it will pave the way to a world of expressive potential for Yende to dance across with her bright coloratura.

Yende’s career path reflects well her philosophy of freedom. In an interview with Operawire, she spoke of her triumph at the 2009 Belvedere International Competition, saying “Everybody wanted to offer me the world and wanted to make me a star and I knew that that was not what I wanted. I had just found opera and I didn’t even know what it was. I needed to educate myself. And so in choosing a way forward, I chose to go to La Scala, a place where I knew I was not going to be recognized.” After refining her talents for seven years, Pretty Yende was finally ready to sit down with Sony Classical and begin working on her debut album, succinctly titled ‘A Journey’.

Having been first inspired by hearing the Flower Duet from “Lakme” on a British Airways advertisement, Yende has made a point of appearing on television talk shows, including those of Wendy Williams and Stephen Colbert, to connect with audiences and get opera before the eyes and ears of millions.

‘Dreams’ will be released on October 27th, shedding light not only on Yende’s many inspirations, but bringing that spark beyond the walls of the opera house to the public.