Polish Opera Now Launches New Short Films

By Francisco Salazar

Agata Ubysz has launched two new videos on her Polish Opera Now platform.

The new platform, which launched in 2020, is a non-commercial platform for artistic cooperation that was established from the need to fill the artistic void caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The virtual space is open to all artists in the field of classical music and all kinds of producers from film directors, operators, visual artists. The platform aims to develop work through the medium of film by creating short videos using new technologies and unexpected solutions.

The platform features recordings of some of the greatest Polish opera singers including Andrzej Dobber, Małgorzata Walewska, Wanda Franek, Sylwia Olszyńska, Ewelina Osowska and Michał Sławecki.

Currently, the platform is streaming a number of works including its latest new release “Mistero di Antonia – Mary Jagi II” which features the Lamento di Arianna by Claudio Monteverdi and mezzo-soprano Elwira Janasik. The new short film is directed by Andrzej Miękus.