Plácido Domingo Accused of Sexual Harassment By Former Employee of Sony Classical

By David Salazar

The accusations continue against Plácido Domingo with an unidentified woman, a former employee of Sony Classical telling Der Spiegel that the famed opera singer sexually harassed her. 

Per the report, the German woman, who was referred to by the pseudonym Sarah Kruse in the report, stated that Domingo hugged her and then kissed her mouth after calling on her at her hotel room after an event for a Three Tenors back in February 2001. The woman noted that she had told Domingo many times that she was uninterested before he eventually left the room. She reportedly told her mother about the incident but never told her colleagues about what had occurred. 

Domingo’s representatives, which were contacted by Der Spiegel, noted that the famed tenor has no recollection of the event. He also insisted that he had nothing to do with her departure from Sony Classical, where Domingo is signed to a record contract.

This is the latest in a series of major accusations regarding Plácido Domingo. However, to this point, only Kruse and two other women have come forward with their names, with others reportedly still involved in the industry and fearing that disclosing their identities might hinder their careers. However, over 30 women have come to Domingo’s defense in the wake of the accusations.