Pittsburgh Opera Announces Performance Dates for ‘Co-Opera’

By David Salazar

The Pittsburgh Opera and Carnegie Mellon University will present “Co-Opera” this April.

In the program, which started back in 2015, the Pittsburgh Opera works with the CMU School of Music, School of Drama, and Master of Arts Management Program to create new works. The collaboration has taken place over a two-year span and will feature two performances on April 13 and 14 of three newly composed works, each running for about 25 minutes each.

The works include “Mel Rides the Bus Alone,” “Languagemachine,” and “Not our First American.”

“Co-Opera makes it possible for our young artists to experience a nearly fully realized production of their emerging work, a rare opportunity for opera composers and librettists to gain some valuable feedback,” adds Daniel Nesta Curtis, the Artistic Director of Co-Opera and the Music Director of Carnegie Mellon University Contemporary Music Ensemble in a press release. “It has the potential to be a stepping stone to life-long careers for these talented and dedicated young men and women.”