Piotr Beczala To Sing ‘Lohengrin’ At Zurich in Unique Circumstances

By David Salazar

Looks like Piotr Beczala could be returning to the role of “Lohengrin” soon rather than later. The tenor is set to appear in the Zurich production of the opera on Sunday, but not quite in the way you might expect.

Tenor Brandon Jovanovich is calling in sick, forcing producer Andreas Homoki to step onstage to play the part. But he won’t be singing, but instead lip synching to Beczala, who will sing from the wings.

This is not the most unusual of phenomena as Beczala himself had to undergo this situation a few years ago during a production of “La Bohème” in Salzburg. He couldn’t sing, but since he was the one best equipped to go through the staging, he had another tenor sing in his place from the wings. The tenor in question? Jonas Kaufmann.

Beczala is singing “Das Land des Lächlens” on Saturday, which should make for an interesting experience for the tenor, who sang the Wagner opera a year ago. Those interested in learning more about his interpretation can check him out on a DVD that Deutsche Grammophon just released. Regarding the performance, OperaWire wrote,” As the title character, Piotr Beczala is a true legendary hero. He is immediately a strong power figure with authority and poise. There is also elegance and gallantry in the way he presents himself.”