Performer in Royal Opera’s ‘Das Rheingold’ Fires Back at Financial Times Critic for Ageist Comment

By Francisco Salazar
(Credit: Monika Rittershaus/Royal Opera House)

Opera actor Rose Knox-Peebles is firing back at the Financial Times following a review of “Das Rheingold” at the Royal Opera House.

After the opening night, Richard Fairman, critic for the Financial Times, wrote, “Erda, the earth goddess, is also on stage the whole evening, played by Rose Knox-Peebles and made up to look quite a fright, though that probably goes with the territory if you have been around since the dawn of time,” he wrote.”

According to Knox-Peebles in the Guardian, she was upset because “the review was terribly short and superficial” and also because as she said, “I hadn’t been ‘made up’ to look like a fright. That’s what I looked like. It was me.”

She added, “I don’t actually think I do look like a fright. I’m perfectly happy with the way I look.”

Following the review, the actor wrote an open letter to the Financial Times which was published. Since that letter, Knox-Peebles has received coverage from the Telegraph and the Times U.K.

According to the actress, she did not use makeup for the production and is having a great time being in her 80s.

“Das Rheingold” which is directed by Barrie Kosky runs through Sept. 29, 2023.