Oregon Symphony Orchestra Reaches Three-Year Agreement With Musicians

By David Salazar

The Oregon Symphony Orchestra has reached a three-year contract with its musicians.

Per an official press statement issued by the company, wages will increase by six percent in the first year of the deal followed by increases of 3.5 percent in ensuing years. There will also be sick time for COVID-related illness, expanded break time, reduction of services, flexibility in rehearsal scheduling, and an increase in annual instrument maintenance allowance.

“On behalf of the Oregon Symphony’s Negotiating Committee, we extend our thanks to AFM Local 99 staff and the Oregon Symphony Association for a smooth, collaborative bargaining process, and to the musicians of the OSO for supporting our work,” said Martha Long, member of the musicians’ negotiating committee, in an official press statement.
Later this season, the Oregon Symphony will present performances of Mozart’s Requiem with the Portland State University Chamber Choir.