Opernhaus Zürich Reinvites Anna Netrebko

By Francisco Salazar

The Opernhaus Zürich has reinvited Anna Netrebko for 2025.

The news comes after Netrebko was forced to cancel her performance of “Macbeth” in February 2022. A year ago intendant Andreas Homoki noted that while Netrebko released a statement condemning the war, “she came to the conclusion that, in light of the current situation, she would prefer not to sing the performances in Zürich.” Netrebko reportedly told the company that she would be taking a step back from performing for the moment.

Netrebko has steadily returned to the stage since condemning the war three times and distancing herself from Putin.

Before Zürich, the soprano is scheduled to perform at the KKL Lucerne in the summer of 2024 after her concert was canceled due to her alleged ties to Putin in 2022. Regarding the new summer concert Stefan Matthey, managing director, said, “We are the local organizer and are in close contact with the German tour organizer. She assured us that Ms. Netrebko distanced herself from Putin’s war.”