OperaVision to Launch #OperaHarmony Initiative

By David Salazar

OperaVision has announced the launch of #OperaHarmony, a new online series of digital operas.

The organization revealed that the project will unite over 100 opera creators from across the globe to create online operas. The initative was kickstarted by Ella Marchment.

The company will stream five short operas every Tuesday throughout August and allow audiences an opportunity to vote on their favorites.

The series will kick off on August 4, 2020 with “A Man Drags the Carcass of a Deer,” “Auschwitz Lovers,” “Divas Furloughed,” “How does a building sing?,” and “The Den.”

“A Man Drags the Carcass of a Deer” is a work by composer Joel Rust and librettist David Troupes which meditates on isolation and community.

“Auschwitz Lovers” was created by Filip Holacky and tells the story of a man who arranges to see a woman for the first time in 67 years after the two met in Auschwitz.

“Divas Furloughed” was composed by Ian Mikyska and written by Anthony Buck. It finds iconic opera heroines off-stage for the first time since their debuts.

“How does a building sing?” takes a look at how spaces can become characters. It was composed by Felipe Alram.

Fiona Williams and  Christopher Schlechte-Bond created “The Den,” which tells the story of two people hiding in their den to escape from their mother.