Opera Tampa’s Artistic Director Resigns

By David Salazar

Opera Tampa is going to have to go looking for a new artistic director as Daniel Lipton, who has held the post for the last five years, resigned on Monday.

Lipton, 76, was on the fifth of a six-year contract after having replaced 95-year-old Anton Coppola. But now it seems that the company will have to make another swift change, though there has been no indication on whether they will seek out someone younger than their last two artistic directors.

“I have truly loved being a part of the Opera Tampa family these past five years and look forward to many more opportunities in the future,” Lipton said, according to the Tampa Bay Times. “I am very fortunate and honored to have followed in Maestro Coppola’s footsteps and feel that I have furthered his legacy during my time here.”

The resignation is effective immediately, though it did not come as a great shock to Judith Lisi, who is the president of Straz Center, the site where the company is based.

“Next year was his last year, so it didn’t really surprise me too much,” Lisi said. “If it’s good for him, then it’s good for us. I’m sure we’ll miss him.”