Opera Rara to Release Recording of Offenbach’s ‘La Princesse de Trébizonde’

By David Salazar

Opera Rara is set to release a new recording of Offenbach’s “La Princesse de Trébizonde” on Sept. 22, 2023.

This recording represents the premiere studio recording of musicologist Jean-Christophe Keck’s critical edition of the three-act version from December 1969. Additionally, per an official press statement issued by the company, audiences will get a chance to hear previously unpublished excerpts from the two-act version from July 1969, which was first heard in Baden Baden.

The opera is conducted by Paul Daniel and features a cast starring Virginie Verrez, Anne-Catherine Gillet, Antoinette Dennefield, and Josh Lovell. This cast was featured in a one-off September 2022 performance at Queen Elizabeth Hall following the recording of the opera over the course of one week. The recording features the London Philharmonic Orchestra and Opera Rara Chorus.

Opera Rara has championed the works of Offenbach through a number of releases including “Celebrating Offenbachn,” “Fantasio,” and “Christopher Columbus,” among others.


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