Opera Quiz: Which ‘Parsifal’ Character Defines Your Leadership Style?

By David Salazar
(Credit: Ken Howard / Metropolitan Opera)

Wagner’s “Parsifal” is one of the greatest operas ever created. Its music is undeniably some of the most sublime ever created by humankind, but the power of its mythology cannot be overlooked.

Within “Parsifal,” we find a number of major archetypes in all of its characters, all with differing attitudes toward the work’s central McGuffin – the Holy Grail. How the characters behave and act with regards to the grail defines their differing personality traits and, more importantly, how they work with others in the world of the story. This in turn illuminates their distinct leadership style with the opera ultimately a meditation on community building and power.

So for this quiz, we look at which character best relates your leadership style. Enjoy!


Opera Quiz