Opera Quiz: Which Famous Callas Role Are You?

By Heather O'Donovan

La Divina, born on Dec. 2, 1923, sang just under 50 roles over the course of her career. From Carmen to Medea to Tosca, she approached each role with the dramatic prowess which truly earned her the title that we so lovingly reference to this day.

In musical circles, Callas has always been and will always remain a topic of frequent conversation, but with the recent release of the new movie “Maria by Callas,” her name can be overheard even more frequently than usual in the halls of conservatories, the restrooms of opera houses, and even right here on OperaWire.

In celebration of the great and storied diva’s birthday, we’ve created this little quiz for you. Answer the following 10 questions, and you’ll finally find out precisely which famed Callas role you are.

Don’t forget to share the results with all your fellow Callas-adoring friends and family, too!


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