Opera Quiz: Tell Us What Apps You Have On Your Phone And We’ll Tell You Which Mozart Opera Character You Are

By Heather O'Donovan

Mozart’s operas feature some of the most nuanced, human-like characters in all of the operatic repertory. And if his characters were real humans living and breathing today, in the year 2018, chances are they’d have a smartphone attached to the palm of their hand, filled with apps that they’d use to navigate the twenty-first-century world around them.

From Snapchat to meditation apps to Tinder, the apps you have on your phone say a lot about you, your dreams, and your aspirations. So, we’ve devised this super scientific* quiz to figure out exactly which Mozart character you are, based solely on the apps that you have on your phone.

Will you love the result you get, or will you go delete all your apps and re-download a bunch of completely different ones to try and alter your fate? There’s only one way to find out… Take the quiz and share your result with all your friends, family, enemies, frenemies, strangers… you get the idea!

*This quiz is not based on any verified scientific research…


Opera Quiz