Opera Quiz: Tell Us The Last Thing You Argued About And We’ll Tell You Which Operatic Villain You Are

By Heather O'Donovan

Opera is home to some of humanity’s most infamous villains: manipulative characters who lie, cheat, and steal, pillage and murder, and generally ruin the loves of the innocent, unsuspecting heroes and heroines that we all know and love. But conflict and tension form the bones of most great art, and opera would not be opera without the Iagos, Scarpias, and Queen of the Nights of the repertory.

Now, these operatic villains take their petty disputes to a bit of an extreme, for sure, but in many cases the emotions that lie beneath their arguments are ones that we all feel too: jealousy, hatred, greed…

If you’ve ever gotten into an argument before, this quiz is for you. Tell us why you’re mad at your sister, what stupid thing your significant other did now, and who you just can’t stand to be in the same room with for more than two minutes. Air your grievances. Vent! We’re here for you.

And even better, when you’re through, we’ll tell you which operatic villain you are based on what we’ve surmised from your responses. Don’t forget to share the quiz with your friends (and nemeses) when you’re done!


Opera Quiz