Opera Quiz: Name that Modern-Day Librettist

By David Salazar

As we continue our exploration through opera in the 21st century, we now turn our attention to a major collaborator whose efforts have often been overlooked throughout history.

For most of opera’s history the composer has been recognized as the primary creator, akin to how a director is often given the major authorship of a film. But unless the composers and directors also penned the librettos and scripts for their projects (many have) both of these creators would be nothing without the contributions of the source material provided by the librettist and screenwriter. In the case of the opera librettist, history has been most unkind.

But the 21st century has seen the librettist’s role take on a more amplified role as new operas on wholly original topics and themes have come to the fore of creation.

So for this week’s edition of the opera quiz, we shine the slimmest of spotlights on librettists. And in case you’re wondering, as is the case with composers, this will not be the last time we do so.

As always, enjoy!


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