Opera Quiz: How Well Do You Know Juan Diego Flórez’s Career?

By David Salazar
(Credit: Decca / Josef Gallauer)

Juan Diego Flórez, born on Jan. 13, 1973, has become of the most renowned bel canto singers of modern times.

At the start of his career he was the Rossini tenor that every major company wanted to enlist, but he slowly evolved his repertory to include a greater wealth of works by the famed bel canto composers such as Donizetti and Bellini. And while he remains at the forefront of the Italian repertory, he has started to expand into heavier roles such as Massenet’s “Werther,” among others.

In honor of Flórez’s recent birthday celebration, here is a little quiz that looks at the tenor’s early (and even some recent) exploits as one of the great opera stars of his time.

As always, have fun!



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