Opéra National de Paris’ ‘Ariodante’ Affected as Company Faces Strike

By David Salazar

On April 20, 2023, the Opéra National de Paris’s general director Alexander Neef took the stage of the Bastille to announce unexpected changes to a performance of “Ariodante.”

The performance, which was set to premiere in a production by Robert Carson, was instead presented in a concert version. Prior to the performance, Neef took to the stage to make the announcement, noting that staff had warned of the possibility of a strike taking place at the company with no end in sight. As a result, he noted that performances could be canceled on the day of the show or presented in a reduced version, as was the case during the “Ariodante” premiere.

Neef was met with disapproval from the audience with several members booing and jeering his announcement.

The subsequent April 23 performance was canceled and ticketholders will receive a credit or a refund.

“Aridoante” is set to run through May 20, 2023. The cast stars Emily D’Angelo, Matthew Brook, Olga Kulchynska, Eric Ferring, Christophe Dumaux, and Tamara Banjesevic. Harry Bicket conducts.