Opéra de Rouen to Broadcast ‘Il Trovatore’ with Jennifer Rowley & Ivan Gyngazov

By Francisco Salazar

The Opéra de Rouen is set to broadcast “Il Trovatore” in movie theaters and on France 3 tv on Oct. 2, 2021.

The opera, which will also be available to stream live worldwide on Facebook, will star Lionel Lhote as the Count de Luna, Jennifer Rowley as Leonora, Sylvie Brunet-Grupposo as Azucena, Ivan Gyngazov as Manrico, Grigory Shkarupa as   Ferrando, Aliénor Feix as Inès, and Lancelot Lamotte as Ruiz.

Pierre Bleuse conducts the production by Clarac-Deloeuil > Le Lab which brings the story to 2050 and brings modernity to the opera without losing any of its powers of seduction.

“Il Trovatore’s” new production is an original production for Rouen and opens the 2021-22 season on Sept. 24. The opera runs through Oct. 2 with five performances.