Opéra de Paris Honors Health Workers With Installation at Opéra Bastille

By David Salazar

The Opéra de Paris is honoring healthworkers with an installation in front of the Opéra Bastille.

Under the collective #ProtegeTonSoignant, the installation will feature 500 portraits of health workers and caregivers between July 10 through 29, 2020. The portraits were taken by David Hugonot Petit, Adrien Lachappelle, and Nathalie Naffzger.

The collective #ProtègeTonSoignant is a team of doctors, entrepreneurs, artists, engineers, and others who have worked together to provide help to people around France throughout the COVID-19 crisis. In three months, the collective purchased and delivered medical equipment and items to close to 400 establishments.

The Opéra de Paris will further honor those who have put their lives on the line during the COVID-19 crisis with two performances on July 13 and 14 of its “Concert Solidaire.”

Since the crisis started, France has confirmed over 171,000 cases of COVID-19 with 78,388 recovered and 30,004 dead.