Ópera de Oviedo Calls For Support After Incurring 400,000 Euro Debt Due to Pandemic

By David Salazar

The Ópera de Oviedo has asked for aid after losing close to 400,000 euros over the past year.

In an announcement, the leadership of the organization noted that it had incurred a deficit of exactly 374,023 euros after suffering a loss of 20 percent of its revenue.

“The Ópera de Oviedo’s season was the only one in Spain and, possibly in Europe, that took place in its totality,” noted Juan Carlos Rodríguez-Ovejero, the president of the Fundación Ópera de Oviedo.

In his announcement, Rodríguez-Ovejero called upon other regional and local institutions to provide support to the company.

This latest statement comes on the heels of another made by the company speaking out against unfair treatment by the Spanish government’s distribution of aid to theaters around the country.  In that statement, the company noted that other opera companies in Spain had received far more support from the government, despite lessened output throughout 2020 in the wake of the pandemic.