Opera Carolina Announces New Directors of Development & Finance

By David Salazar

Opera Carolina has announced an expansion of its leadership team.

The company has hired Claudio Ferri to be its Director of Development and Nandi Cheathem to be its Director of Finance. The two will commence their tenures during the 2022-23 season.

Ferri has worked as General Manager of Royal International Artists and was the Director of the International Lyric Academy in Italy.

Meanwhile, Cheathem had a long association with Profound Gentlemen.

“The hiring of Claudio and Nandi not only signals that Opera Carolina will continue to be a preeminent force in the arts as we emerge from the pandemic,” said James Meena, Opera Carolina’s long-time Artistic Director, in an official press statement released by the company. “We are honored to have individuals of their caliber, expertise, and skill join our already stellar team, and are excited to see what the next year holds.”

“This is a great professional opportunity and a huge life change. I already had the chance to collaborate in the past with Opera Carolina as Agent of Marcello Giordani and Ivan Stefanutti, and I had very much appreciated the work Maestro James Meena has done in building this excellent Opera Company,” Ferri told OperaWire. “Furthermore, I had also greatly enjoyed the beauty of the City of Charlotte and the kindness of its community. I would like to offer to Opera Carolina the benefit of my 30 years expertise in the Opera field, to help this company grow as much as possible to reach the level of excellence it deserves among the International Opera companies.”