On Site Opera Launches Search for New Artistic Director

By Nicolas Quiroga

New York’s On Site Opera has announced a search for a new artistic director, effective at the end of this year when current Artistic Director Eric Einhorn steps down from his position.

To aid in the transition, the company has joined forces with Management Consultants for the Arts. Piper Gunnarson, the newly appointed General Manager and CEO, and music director Geoff McDonald will assist in the recruitment process.

“Every organization begins with its founder’s vision, and Eric has undeniably established an extraordinary artistic vision and aesthetic for On Site Opera,” said Gunnarson in an official press statement issued by the company. “Over the past 11 years, our growth has been remarkable, with an expanding team of stakeholders, all contributing to this vision. Together, we have built a robust foundation of artistic process and institutional structure that will support our incoming Artistic Director, and we eagerly anticipate welcoming a new voice to join us in shaping the next phase of our artistic programming.”

Next up for the company is “Song of the Nightingale” at the Brooklyn Commons / Manhattan West / Brookfield between Sept. 9-30, 2023.