On Site Opera Announces Casting ‘Das Barbecü’

By Francisco Salazar

 On Site Opera has announced its  casting for “Das Barbecü” at Hill Country Barbecue Market in New York City.

The production, scheduled to be performed from Jan. 26- Feb. 11, 2020, will star five actors playing more than 30 outrageous characters at breakneck speed. They include sopranos Justine Aronson and Jessica Fishenfeld and Broadway star David Hughey. Rounding out the cast will be Robert Wesley Mason and Zuri Washington.

The opera, which is a nod to Wagner’s Ring Cycle, will include a book and lyrics by Jim Luigs and music by Scott Warrender and will range from Broadway to Texas swing, jazz to twangy country and western.

The production will be directed by Eric Einhorn and Katherine M. Carter, conducted by Emily Senturia, with costume design by Whitney Locher, lighting design by Shawn K. Kaufman, and hair and make-up design by Gabrielle Vincent.

There will be a total of nine performance in the run.