Obituary: Chinese Soprano Chu Lanlan Dies at 39 of COVID-19 Complications

By Francisco Salazar

Chinese soprano Chu Lanlan has died at the age of 39 of COVID-19 complications.

Lanlan was a renowned young performing artist of Beijing Opera and was the founder and leader of I Beijing Opera as well as the teacher at Beijing Opera and Art’s College. She was also the head of Lanxin Troupe, a team committed to I Beijing Opera.

Lanlan began an acting career at the age of eight on TV and later would turn her eyes to the stage. She graduated from the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Opera and make Traditional Chinese Opera and made Peking Opera, aka Beijing Opera, her specialty.

The soprano became famous for creating the song and dance “Farewell My Concubine” for the Peking Opera. She would also sing and perform during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Outside of her theatrical work, she was known for projects on public welfare and in 2020, she became part of a foundation in Beijing that advocates for the physical and mental growth of rural children.

Her final performance was in early November.