Numi Opera Theatre Inaugurates With ‘Der Zwerg

By Francisco Salazar

Numi Opera Theatre is set to make its debut with a revival of “Der Zwerg” by Zemlinsky.

The inaugural production will feature Rodell Rosell in the title role, Shana Blake Hill, Oriana Falla, and Roberto Perlas.

The company’s interpretation of Zemlinsky’s work will include excerpts from Oscar Wilde’s “Birthday of the Infanta.”

“Der Zwerg” was a well-known work, which was censored by the Nazis as Zemlinsky and other Jewish composers were banned. Today, it is rarely performed in the U.S and has obtained a number of performances in Europe.

In a press release the company stated, “We must now mitigate a great injustice by working to revive and perform the music of those whose ‘crime’ was to be Jewish, or deemed offensive by, the authoritarian Nazi regime. Their music, I believe, is accessible and relevant. As the child of Jewish immigrants I feel this responsibility acutely.”

“Der Zwerg” is set to be presented on May 30 and June 2 in Santa Monica, California.