New York City Master Chorale Announces New Artistic Director

By Nicolas Quiroga

The New York City Master Chorale has appointed Dr. David Recca as its new Artistic Director.

He is scheduled to begin his duties with the opening of the delayed season of the group’s 15th anniversary.

Recca is an award-winning conductor, educator, pianist, singer, with a Doctorate of Musical Arts in Choral Conducting from the Yale School of Music. He has a Master of Music Direction in Choral Conducting from the Eastman School of Music, a Performer Certificate in Vocal Coaching, and a Bachelor of Music in Composition from Purchase College.

Recca has served as Director of the Purchase Chorus and Purchase Chamber Singers, Guest Conductor of the Purchase Symphony Orchestra, and Artistic Director of the Southern Connecticut Camerata.

He has lectured and published on musicality, transcription of original manuscripts, and a wide range of different activities.

“I am simply overjoyed to be named Artistic Director of an organization whose mission I so closely support and admire,” said Recca in a press release. “After all the hardships and struggles of the past year and a half, I am deeply honored to help lead the New York City Master Chorale through to a new chapter. Let’s roll up our sleeves and uncover all the great music waiting for us, both ancient and new, and share our passion for this most subtle of arts to all who will listen!”