New Opera Days Ostrava Festival’s 2018 Festival To Feature Major World Premiere of Alois Hába Opera

By David Salazar

The New Opera Days Ostrava Festival (NODO), in its fourth installment, is set to showcase a wide range of rare operas, including the world premiere of Alois Hába’s “Thy Kingdom Come” and two other chamber operas.

The festival kicks off on June 24 and runs through 28. Here is rundown of what’s in store for prospective audiences.

“Thy Kingdom Come” kicks off on June 24 and 25 and will feature 26 solo parts and the Canticum Ostrava choir under the direction of Yurii Galatenko. The microtonal opera will feature an original sixth-tone harmonium that was manufactured for the composer in 1930.

Performance Dates: June 24, 25

The Czech Premiere of Salvatore Sciarrino’s “Luci Mie Traditrici” will be directed by Pia Partum and will star soprano Anna Radziejewska, contralto Jan Jakub Monowid, tenor Andrzej Lenart, and bass Artur Janda. Lilianna Krych conducts.

Performance Dates: June 26

Next up will be the world premiere of Daniel Ting-Cheung Lo’s “A Woman Such As Myself” which will feature soprano Kamala Sankaram, baritone Vojtěch Šembera, and mezzo-soprano Eliška Zajícová under the musical direction of Eliska Zajicova. The work will be paired with “Macle,” a 20-minute graphic score for four vocalists by Julius Eastman.

Performance Dates: June 27

Rudolf Komorous’s “The Mute Canary” also gets a world premiere with soprano Anne Grimm, baritone Alex Dobson, and countertenor Daniel Cabena.

Performance Dates: June 28

The festival ends with “Song Books I,II” by John Cage, which will feature the S.E.M. ensemble and Ostravska banda.

Performance Dates: June 28