New Camerata Opera Unveils Animated Opera Film ‘One Train’

By David Salazar

New Camerata Opera has released “One Train,” a new animated children’s opera film.

The 13-minute opera-film, which is available to view on Vimeo, was composed by Hilary Purrington and Hannah McDermott was brought to life by Chilean-based animation studio Catarata. It was directed by Carlos Araya. It tells the story of a girl who encounters a homeless magician on her first subway ride to school.

It stars Kristin Renee Young (Miriam), Stan Lacy (The Magician), Erik Bagger (Marcus), Kyle Oliver (Kevin),  Maria Brea (Rea), and Julia Tang (Mom). Violetta Zabbi is the music director.

“I think it’s incredibly easy to surround yourself with people who resemble you—in terms of race/ethnicity, socio-economic status, education, etc. This opera teaches the main character to look beyond the familiar and become acquainted with the lives of people very different from her, and I think this is an important lesson—particularly for young people,” said Purrington in an official press statement issued by the company.

“It is so easy to get lost in the whirl of your own life and forget that there is a whole world out there filled with other people,” added McDermott. “One of the places that makes me acutely aware of the world outside myself is the New York City subway. When you look around the train car, you begin to realize that you’re surrounded by strangers all with their own individual worries, cares, and desires.”