National Sawdust to Present Variant 6

By David Salazar

The National Sawdust is set to present “Variant 6” on May 20, 2022.

The ensemble, which includes Jessica Beebe, Rebecca Myers, Elisa Sutherland, Steven Bradshaw, James Reese, and Daniel Schwartz, will perform from its new album “New Suns” the very day that it debuts.

The program includes Benjamin C.S. Boyle’s Supplice,” Bruno Bettinelli’ “Madrigali a cinque voci miste,” Jeremy Gill’s “Six Pensées de Pascal,” Gabriel Jackson’s Spring” and “Zero Point Reflection,” and Joanne Metcalf’s “The Sea’s Wash in the Hollow of the Heart.”

“The music we offer here celebrates the virtuosic potential of voices singing together,” wrote the members of Variant 6 in an. “It represents a collection of some of our favorite repertoire from our first half-decade as an ensemble.”

The ensemble is set to present the same program on May 21, 2022 in Philadelphia.